Outsourced Call Centre Services

Aluds every client has unique requirements, JC call centre provides clients with two specific types of inbound/outbound call handling services, i.e., a serviced office space and a dedicated team deployed solely for handling the client’s interaction. Both options provide clients with spectacular results, which helps make it easier to choose the option most beneficial to their needs. We are offering both Bureau and team services which allow the client complete flexibility and, at the same time, help us take a fluid approach to your needs. In addition to these services, we offer free registration to travelling companies to help cater to their customers. Our team determinedly works on fulfilling the client’s business demands with flexible shifts, as well as providing a maximum number of calls per day and week. 

Customer Services

Customer service centres are a dime and a dozen. What makes JC Call Centre your first pick for a partner is the dynamic and easily accessible customer service we provide. Providing you and your customers with a proficient and capable service that meets all of your client’s needs as well as your business needs. With a proven record of working with multinational clients and SME businesses, JC Call Centre ensures the most productive outcomes with consistency in everything you and your clients require, on time and within your budget.

We have everything
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Inbound Call Centre Services

Customer Services
Overflow / Out of Hours
Credit Card Order Lines
Crisis Management
Donor, Member & Customer Services
Multi-Lingual Call Centre
Product Recall

Outbound Call Centre Services

Appointment Setting
Donor Satisfaction Calling
Follow-up Calling
Dormant Clients

Sectors-Specified Services

JC Call Centre’s Bureau and Dedicated agent groups are experts in a vast number of professional sectors. We manage all our inbound/outbound campaigns, no matter the size or type, with the utmost perfection. Businesses that demand a high level of understanding and precision are a specialty of JC Call Centre. These include:

  • Consumer Outbound (with extensive data availability)
  • Back Office Processing
  • Online Research and Intelligence Gathering
  • Consumer Lead Generation
  • Consumer Sales
  • Technical Support
  • Order taking
  • Customer Support
  • Appointment Setting
  • Back Office Processing
  • Customer Experience
  • Sales Support
  • Customer Liaison
  • Issue Resolution
  • Business Development
  • Market Research
  • CRM Management
  • Reporting
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Quality Assurance
  • Email Support
  • Chat Support
  • Tourists Guide (London)
  • Flight Booking,
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Customer Retention
  • Phone Support