Outsourced Call Centre Services

Depending on the clients’ requirements, JC Call Centre’s live inbound/outbound call handling centre services can be provided in two specific ways i.e. a shared desk (bureau) or dedicated team (deployed solely) for handling the clients interaction for a single client. We can offer you a mixture of both the Bureau and dedicated services for the complete flexibility and a fluid approach of your needs.



A vigorous, dependable and accessible customer services operation is one of the most vivacious characteristics of your offers of business’s service, and your business will go from strength to strength if it’s correctly executed. The advantage of making JC Call Centre as the outsource customer services department, we offers you and your clients, a proficient, expert-level and tailored ‘turnkey’ customer services operation. This is what designed for your business only, we have a proven record of working with big clients and SME businesses. We ensure that we delivers the most rigorous and detailed of briefs and consistently delivering whatever you and your clients require, on time and within the budget.

We have everything



Inbound Call Centre Services

  • Customer Services
  • Overflow / Out of Hours
  • Credit Card Order Lines
  • Crisis Management
  • Donor, Member & Customer Services
  • Helplines
  • Multi-Lingual Call Centre London
  • Product Recall

Outbound Call Centre Services

  • Telemarketing
  • Appointment Setting
  • Donor Satisfaction Calling
  • Follow-up Calling
  • Dormant Clients

Sectors-Specified Services


The expertise of JC Call Centre’s Bureau and Dedicated agent groups extends across a broad vary of profession sectors. We have a tendency to manage inbound/outbound campaigns of all sizes and ramifications for businesses who demand a terribly high level of understanding whereas expecting worth for money, which includes:



Test drives, customer achievement and maintenance, downfall clienteles


Donations Fundraising

New donor profession, advancement, adaptation, donor gratification, inbound/outbound


Etailers & Retailers

Customer services, charge card orders, revenues, accomplishment, localities


FCA Authorised Centres

Customer service lines, charge card servicing, controlled FCA work



Policy information, customer services, entitlements, emergency maintenances