Call Centre Services for Forward-looking Businesses

The vision of JC Call Centre’s founders was deceivingly simple. They required to grow a mid-size 100 seat call centre perfect, close to major countries, especially in UK & US. Each centre of JC Call Centre Service, offering the comprehensive and tailored call centre solutions which includes inbound/outbound call handling, sector-specific services and telemarketing. As the outcome of this, JC Call Centre would add the value to all the types of businesses through providing the opportunity of real increment in sales, profitability and productivity which allows ROI to be measured in real times.

JC Call Centre Service Work for YOU

Through the process the whole way. Our approach is both advice-giving and co-operative. JC Call Centre Service will recognise your brief, make the most suitable commendations to you for providing the best way of achieving the specific goals and then we provide on our promises of giving you a positive and lasting outcome on your investment.

Great Customers, Great team of agents and Great Service Great Service


Our range of clients from global brands like Jupiter cars and couriers, Hounslow Cars, Airports Exec, Cars TW and many others through to leading SMEs. Our service is the combination of high professional, quality and knowledgeable team of agents. Each of the agent has extraordinary flexibility to up or low quality operations and a promise of exceeding client expectations on every single project we take on. This is not at all a rocket science but it works every time. Our ‘Aim’ is centred on the quality of the services we are offering you.
JC Call Centre service is responsible to make sure that each of our agent understands your business and have a gratitude of the brand and standards. In this way, we efficiently become a full trained outsource department of your business. JC Call Centre service offers your customers steadiness and a well-informed, brief reply. We immerse our agents to know not only what to say in your corporate mind-set so that they don’t simply read generic scripts, but more importantly how to say it.